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Summary of Question
Shall the Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County contract a debt, borrow money and issue bonds of Fairfax County, Virginia, in addition to the parks and park facilities bonds previously authorized, in the maximum aggregate principal amount of $75,000,000 for the purpose of providing funds with any other available funds to finance the cost of providing parks and park facilities including the acquisition, construction, development and equipment of additional parks and park facilities, and the purchase of permanent easements for the preservation of open-space land and the development and improvement of existing parks and park facilities by the Fairfax County Park Authority, and including an amount not to exceed $12,000,000 allocable to the County as its share of the cost of the parks and park facilities to be acquired, constructed, developed and equipped by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority?

2012 - Fairfax CountyParks and Park Facilities Bonds

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