About the Virginia Elections Database

In 2015, the Virginia Department of Elections created this database in order to provide an easy way for the general public to access, explore, and analyze the entire electoral history of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our mission is to consolidate into one searchable platform every candidate contest and ballot question that has been reported to the Department of Elections (or its precursor, the State Board of Elections). This requires a process of ongoing data inventory and extraction among a variety of historical primary sources and compilations. As we look at documents further back in time, the record becomes less comprehensive and more prone to gaps. For this reason, we have created an inventory table below to help visitors understand which contests are available as of today. The “Notes” column provides some additional detail about what data limitations one may find.


Office Type


Years Available



U.S. Senate
U.S. House
Constitutional Convention

1924 to present

1916 to present

1789 to present

1956 only

State Executive

Lt. Governor
Attorney General

1851 to present

1925 to present

1925 to present

State Legislative

Senate of Virginia
House of Delegates

1947 to present


Clerk of Court
Commission of the Revenue
Commonwealth’s Attorney
County Board

2000 to present

Soil/Water Districts

Soil and Water Conservation Director

1947-1968, 2000 to present

Before 2000, only a limited range of official records show results for this office.


City Council
Town Council
Board of Supervisors
Town Recorder
School Board

2000 to present

Board of Supervisors 2000 data is limited. Town Recorder data is generally limited.


Want to request a new feature? Spotted a data inaccuracy? Other questions or comments about the database? Feel free to email us at info@elections.virginia.gov. We’d love to hear from you.